(Date following listing indicates year of first employment at PSC of WVU.)

Leonard A. Colelli, Campus President, B.S.Ed., California University of Pennsylvania; M.Ed., University of Maryland College Park; Ph.D., The Ohio State University. Year @ PSC (2012). 304-788-6812.

Edem G. Tetteh, Dean of Academic Affairs, B.S., North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University; M.S., North Carolina Agriculture & Technical State University; Ph.D., Purdue University. Year @ PSC (2014). 304-788-6865.

Phillip D. Douthitt, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs, Co-Chairperson, Liberal Arts Division , A.A., Potomac State College; B.A., West Virginia University; MBA, West Virginia University. Year @ PSC (1989). 304-788-6960.

William M. Letrent, Dean of Student Affairs , B.A., Duquesne University; M.Ed., Frostburg State College. Year @ PSC (1987). 304-788-6842.

Harlan N. Shreve,  Senior Business Planning Officer; A.A., Potomac State College. Year @ PSC (1972).

Beth E. Little, Director of Enrollment Services , B.A., Alderson-Broaddus College; M.A., George Washington University. Year @ PSC (2000). 304-788-6815.

Rene M. Trezise, Director of Marketing & Communications , A.A., Potomac State College of WVU; B.S., West Virginia University; M.B.A., Frostburg State University. Year @ PSC (2000). 304-788-6872.

Carol L. Combs, Director of Auxiliary Services , Virginia Tech, Year @ PSC (2001). 304-788-6919.

Michael A. Simpson, Director of Facilities , Year @ PSC (1993). 304-788-6886.

Gerald R. Wilcox , Chairperson, STEM Division; Professor, Biology;  B.S., Gannon College; M.S., St. Bonaventure University; Ph.D., West Virginia University. Year @ PSC (1979). 304-788-6985.

Donna V. C. Ballard, Chairperson, Applied Sciences Division; Professor, Plant Science;   Ph.D., M.S., B.S., West Virginia University. Year @ PSC (2007). 304-788-6993.

Mollie S. Ravenscroft, Co- Chairperson, Liberal Arts Division; Associate Professor, Sociology;  A.A., Potomac State College; B.S., Shepherd College; M.A., Marshall University. Year @ PSC (2005). 304-788-6959.