To request and tentatively reserve housing, the Conference & Event Request Form
must be returned no later than 6 weeks prior to the conference start date.  

The form must be sent to:
Potomac State College of WVU
Conference and Event Scheduling Office
101 Fort Avenue, Keyser, WV 26726
or via fax transmittal to (304) 788-6849.

Please review all important information below prior to filling out the request form.


  • Once the Conference & Event Scheduling Conference Request Form has been received and processed, CES will execute a binding Agreement and Facility Reservation Form for your signature. Accommodations are not guaranteed until the documents have been finalized and signed by an authorized group representative and the CES Coordinator.
  • All organizations sponsored by CES are required to pay fifty percent (50%) of the estimated conference cost as a deposit due upon the execution of the Agreement by Lessee. The remaining balance is due prior to registration on the first day of the conference. A final statement will be mailed to the organization at the end of the conference for any outstanding balances which are payable upon receipt of the mailed statement. Any conference that is canceled after joint signing of the Agreement will suffer a penalty of twenty percent (20%) of the deposit for notices up to fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the start date of the event. Any cancellation notice occurring within fifteen (15) calendar days of the start date will forfeit the entire deposit.


  • If your group is not utilizing an entire floor and additional space is needed for other conferences/camps with participants over the age of 18, we may place guests from those conferences/camps on your floor.
  • CES reserves the right to change lodging accommodations as deemed necessary.
  • For the security of our guests, lost keys will require a lock change instead of a key replacement. The fee will be $50.00 per lock change due at checkout. If the individual does not pay the fee at checkout, your conference/group will be billed accordingly.
  • Full service level includes a pillow, a blanket, two sheets, a pillowcase, two towels, and a washcloth. Rooms and baths will be serviced every fourth consecutive day during your stay. Sheets will be changed every fourth consecutive day. Guests may request additional linens during their stay for a minimal fee.
  • Residents must bring their own linens. Linen packages are not available on an individual basis within a group requesting services under this level. All common bathrooms and public areas will be maintained daily.


  • CES will provide staff at each registration for a two-hour block of time to distribute keys. Groups requiring additional time to check-in/check-out will be billed an additional $25.00 per hour per group.
  • Guests must check out by 12:00 p.m. on the last day of the conference/event as outlined in the signed Facility Reservation Form. Exceptions to this time must be approved by CES in advance and will be subject to room availability. Group/guests that check-out after 12:00 p.m. without prior approval will be billed for an additional night at the applicable rate.


  • Groups with participants under 18 years of age must provide an adult advisor per every fifteen (15) youths. These advisors must also reside with their group in the on-campus lodging. Separate floors will be used for females and males. A complete list of participants must be provided to CES at least 2 weeks prior to the start of the conference/event outlining the required supervision.
  • Youth groups should also plan to provide structured opportunities and free-time events when participants are not directly involved in program activities. The younger the participants, the more structure necessary during free time. Experience has shown that groups who adequately provide this structure experience far fewer behavior problems and substantially less damage to facilities.


  • Meal service is available through the PSC Dining Services with three types of service options. Cafeteria-style dining is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner during limited hours of operation at The Commons. Express service can be arranged through the Rapids for large groups consisting of more than 100 participants requiring flexibility in service hours. Catered meals for social functions can be also requested.
  • Coordination of meal service will be personalized for each group based on the number of participants, level of service, and any special dietary needs specified.
  • All on-campus dining must be arranged through the PSC Dining Service. Please contact Carol Combs, Director of Auxiliary Services, at (304) 788-6919 for further details.


Various services are available for guests during their stay. Each of the following services must be arranged through the CES Coordinator. Fees and limitations may apply and are subject to change.

  • In-room internet service can be provided at an additional cost of $25.00 per person for groups staying a week or longer. General access is available through the Library at no additional charge.
  • Access to the Library can be arranged upon request. All items removed from the Library must be returned by the end of the conference.
  • An indoor swimming facility can be contracted from a local area business. If interested in this service, please specify on the Conference & Event Scheduling Conference Request Form under “Additional Request.”
  • Coin operated laundry facilities are available in each residence hall. Change machines are not available on campus. Change for vending machines, laundry, and/or payphones will not be provided. Please notify your group’s participants/guests so they can prepare accordingly.
  • Remote control flat-screen televisions with cable are available in the lounge areas of each residence hall.
  • Local telephone service is available in the rooms. Jacks are live and attendees may bring their own phones to use this service. Public payphones are in the Student Union and in front of Academy Hall.


  • Several types of facilities are available on campus for groups to use at a reasonable cost. Types of facilities include classrooms with or without audiovisual capabilities, a spacious auditorium, comfortable and modern theater, banquet facilities, athletic facilities, research facilities, and a wide array of meeting rooms.


  • The Lessee agrees that all participants and guests using the leased facilities are under the direct and complete supervision and control of the Lessee. All PSC/WVU regulations will be adhered to and enforced by the event leaders. The Lessee and the undersigned individual shall be liable for all damages resulting from the event and its participants. The Lessee and the undersigned individual personally agree to reimburse CES for all damages to facilities and services caused by the event or its participants or guests. The Lessee and the undersigned individual shall defend, indemnify, and hold harmless PSC/WVU from and against any and all claims of loss, injury, or damage to persons and/or property arising from the activities during or in connection with the event, including but not limited to, reasonable attorneys fees incurred by CES. PSC/WVU assumes no liability for any property placed or left by the Lessee, participants, or guests at the campus.
  • The Lessee is required to carry commercial general liability insurance from a financially sound insurance company with minimum limits of $1,000,000 bodily injury and property damage liability, with $5,000 medical payments per person. Upon signing of the Agreement by all parties, a certificate of liability insurance shall be provided to CES naming PSC/WVU as “additional insured.” Proof of insurance must be made to CES thirty (30) days prior to the event start date. Liability insurance coverage must remain in effect for the duration of the use of the facilities. If the use of facilities is ongoing or repetitive, a certificate of liability insurance must be provided each year upon renewal of the insurance policy of the entity involved. PSC/WVU must be given thirty (30) days written notice of the cancellation of liability insurance coverage. Any group interested in utilizing PSC/WVU facilities who does not have insurance coverage may purchase such through University Risk Management and Insurance Association (URMIA). You can research this alternative further at or by contacting the CES Coordinator for an informational brochure.


  • Conference guests are responsible for all damages incurred to PSC/WVU property during their stay. If multiple conference groups are sharing building space and CES cannot determine fault, all groups will be held equally responsible. It is the responsibility of the group to conduct a pre- and post-room inspection with a conference staff member. Failure to do so will result in payment of all applicable damages.
  • If the fire department is called due to fire extinguishers being used or alarms being activated as a result of mischievous or prank behavior, your group will be invoiced a fee of $500 per incident in addition to charges for damages and/or repairs.


  • Due to the limited number of parking spaces on campus, participants will be provided one parking permit per vehicle registered with CES at no additional charge. Vehicle registration and permit issuance will take place during check-in. This permit is for the upper Church McKee Arts Center Lot A-5 only. No parking on public streets is permitted.
  • Shuttle service is available upon request for a fee of $1.25 per mile with a layover charge of $15 per hour.


  • Conference groups are responsible for all replacement charges at checkout which will be included on the final invoice. Lost keys (lock change) are $50 per item. Lost linens are $30 per item.


  • It is expressly understood that the name of Potomac State College of West Virginia University/West Virginia University shall not be used without prior written approval from the PSC/WVU Marketing and Communications Director. All advertising materials must be submitted to CES prior to distribution for approval.


  • Tobacco products are not permitted in any building on the campus of PSC/WVU.
  • Alcoholic beverages, drugs, or illegal substances are not permitted on the campus of PSC/WVU.