Faculty and Staff Directory

Dept Name Title Location Phone E-mail
Staff Anderson, Justin Head Men's Basketball Coach
Residence Hall Coordinator
Catamount Place Room 131/Gymnasium


Staff Anderson, Kara Counseling Services/ Student Conduct Student Union, Room 109A


Staff Anderson, Renee Conference and Events Scheduling University Place 131-B 304-788-6920 Renee.Robinson@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Armentrout, Deanna English Professor Church-McKee, Room 202 304-788-6954 DLArmentrout@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Badenhoop, Jay Chemistry Professor Science Hall, Room 313/106 304-788-6978 JKBadenhoop@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Bahner, Barry Housing University Place 304-788-7407 Barry.Bahner@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Ballard, Donna Plant Science Professor
Chairperson, Applied Science Division
Science Hall, Room SCI-G2 304-788-6993 Donna.Ballard@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Bane, Linda Assistant Librarian Library  304-788-6903 LCBane@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Barger, David Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6888 David.Barger@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Bartling, Sally Community Service Reynolds Hall, Room 101 304-788-6868 SLBartling@yahoo.com
Faculty Beck Roth, Stephanie Mathematics Professor Academy Hall, Room 105 304-788-7118 Stephanie.BeckRoth@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Becker, Mary Susan Business Office Administration Building, Room 101 304-788-6832 MSBecker@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Beeman, Linda Housing Housing 304-788-7407 Linda.Beeman@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Bennett, Molly Academic Success Center, Coordinator Library, Room G-6A 304-788-7405 Molly.Bennett@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Blacka, Bonnie Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Bonnie.Blacka@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Bradfield, Carl Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 CLBradfield@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Burdock, Thomas University Police University Police Duplex 304-788-6931 Thomas.Burdock@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Cannon, Michael University Police University Police Duplex 304-788-6931 MTCannon@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Capaldi, Bernadette Business Office Administration Building, Room 101 304-788-6830 BACapaldi@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Cayton, George Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 GDCayton@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Cheves, Robert Agriculture Professor Science Hall, Room G-3 304-788-6988 Bobby.Cheves@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Chisholm, Sheri Biology Professor Science Hall, Room 216 304-788-7119 Sheri.Chisholm@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Clem, Laurie Bookstore Bookstore 304-788-6908  
Admin Colelli, Leonard Campus President Administration Building, Room 202 304-788-6810 Leonard.Colelli@mail.wvu.edu
Admin Combs, Carol Auxiliary Services Director University Place 304-788-6919 CLCombs@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Cook, Michael Housing University Place 304-788-7407 Michael.Cook@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Cook, Michelle Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Missy.Cook@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Cosner, Pattie Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 PJCosner@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Cruse, Debi Marketing and Communications Administration Building, Room 204 304-788-6811 DECruse@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Cunningham, Erin Biology Instructor Science Hall, Room 209 304-788-6992 Erin.Cunningham@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Daniels, Mark Psychology Instructor Adminsitration Building, Room 122 304-788-7085 JMDaniels@mail.wvu.edu
Staff DelSignore, Mark Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 Mark.DelSignore@mail.wvu.edu
Staff DelSignore, Vickie Payroll Administration Building, Room 106 304-788-6829 VLDelSignore@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Dennis, Kimberly Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Kimberley.Dennis@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Dolly, Mary Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 MLDolly@mail.wvu.edu
Admin Douthitt, Phillip Associate Dean of Academic Affairs
Co-Chairperson, Liberal Arts Division
Administration Building, Room 112 304-788-6960 PDDouthitt@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Dye, Peggy Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Peggy.Dye@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Dye, Tonya Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Tonya.Dye@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Falkowski, Henry Chemistry Professor
Chemical Hygiene Officer
Science Hall, Room 321 304-788-6962 HSFalkowski@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Falkowski, Terry Scientific Materials Manager Science Hall, Room 309 304-788-6927 THFalkowski@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Farris, Jeanette Enrollment Services Enrollment Services 304-788-6854 Jeanette.Farris@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Faulk, Mike Athletics Lough Gymnasium 304-788-6876 Mike.Faulk@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Fields, Barbara Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 BGFields@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Ford, William Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 William.Ford@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Ganoe, Martha Head Volleyball Coach Lough Gymnasium 304-788-7124 Martha.Ganoe@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Gardner, Jill Librarian Library 304-788-6902 JLGardner@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Gardner, LaDonna Enrollment Services Enrollment Services 304-788-6850 LaDonna.Gardner@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Gardner, Lue Ann Residence Hall Coordinator University Place 304-788-7410 Lue.Gardner@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Garrett, Mat Information Technology Academy Hall, Room 113 304-788-6938 Mat.Garrett@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Gatto, Brenda Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Brenda.Gatto@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Gernatt, Michael Head Men's Lacrosse Coach Lough Gymnasium 716-432-6932 MRGernatt@mail.wvu.edu 
Faculty Gilbert, Jayne Academic Services Coordinator
Business Instructor
Library, Room G-5E 304-788-7115 AJGilbert@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Glasbrenner, Barbara Mathematics Instructor Science Hall, Room 112 304-788-7111 Barbara.Glasbrenner@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Goff, Nicklaus Criminal Justice Instructor Adminsitration Building, Room 14 304-788-6918 Nicklaus.Goff@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Grady, Diana Student Affairs Adminsitration Building, Room 104 304-788-6842 DLGrady@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Hankins, Ian Head Cross Country Coach Lough Gymnasium 202-531-7913 IHHankins@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Harman, Karla Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 KJHarman@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Harrison, Barry Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 BAHarrison@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Harrison, Lori Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6888 LLHarrison@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Hartman, Cynthia Academics Affairs Administration Building, Room 110 304-788-6863 Cynthia.Hartman@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Helmick, Jeff Maintenance Church-McKee Arts Center 304-788-6912 JLHelmick@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Hess, Christine Enrollment Services Enrollment Services 304-788-6919 CSHess@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Hess, Jill Accessibility Services Library, Room G-2A 304-788-6936
Staff Hott, Eloise Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Eloise.Hott@mail.wvu.edu
Staff House, Michelle Enrollment Services Enrollement Services 304-788-6860 MAHouse@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Hudson, Jon University Police University Police Complex 304-788-6931 Jon.Hudson@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Huffman, Vicki Biology Professor
Honors Program Coordinator
Science Hall, Room 214 304-788-6971 Vicki.Huffman@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Hunt, Richard English Professor Church-McKee Arts Center, Room 102 304-788-7117 Richard.Hunt@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Hymes, Carol Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Carol.Hymes@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Hymes, Jeffrey Dining Services Manager University Place 304-788-6917 JSHymes@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Idleman, Della Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Della.Idleman@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Jacoby, Fred Journalism Professor Academy Hall, Room 308 304-788-6966 FWJacoby@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Jenkins, Helen Cashier Administration Building, Room 107 304-788-6833 MHJenkins@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Johnson-Olin, Martha English Instructor Church-McKee Arts Center, Room 107 304-788-7141 MMJohnsonolin@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Johnston, Brenda Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Brenda.Johnston@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Jones, Jeff Forestry Professor
Faculty Assembly Chair
Science Hall, Room 111 304-788-6986 JWJones@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Jones, Jennifer Academic Success Center Library, Room G-5C 304-788-7144 JRJones@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Kalbaugh, Libby Alumni Office Administration Buiding, Room 204 304-788-6870 Libby.Kalbaugh@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Kaler, Jeremy Student Activities Coordinator Student Union Loft 304-788-6837 Jeremy.Kaler@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Keller, MaryElizabeth Enrollment Services Enrollement Services 304-788-6820 Mary.Keller@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Kephart, Susan Psychologist Health Center 304-788-6976 SEKephart@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Kerling, Brian University Police Chief University Police Duplex 304-788-6931 Brian.Kerling@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Kesecker, Katelyn Head Women's Lacrosse Coach Lough Gymnasium 304-788-6877 KBKesecker@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Kiddy, Ray Head Men's Soccer Coach Lough Gymnasium 304-788-6882 rakiddy@yahoo.com
Staff Kimble, Kory Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 Kory.Kimble@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Kitzmiller, Amanda Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Amanda.Kitzmiller@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Kline, Virginia Library Library 304-788-6901 Virginia.Kline@mail.wvu.edu 
Staff Kruk, Larry Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 Larry.Kruk@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Laird, Lynn Academic Success Center Library, Room G-5D 304-788-6859 CLLaird@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Laws, Michael Mathematics Instructor Academy Hall, Room 116 304-788-7130 MELaws@mail.wvu.edu 
Staff Layton, Robert Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 Robert.Layton@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Leatherman, Randy Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 Randy.Leatherman@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Lee, Patty Marketing and Communications Administration Building, Room 204 304-788-6873 PLLee@mail.wvu.edu
Admin Letrent, William Dean of Student Affairs Administration Building, Room 104 304-788-6843 WMLetrent@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Lindsey, Patricia Enrollment Services Enrollment Services 304-788-6817 PKLindsey@mail.wvu.edu
Admin Little, Beth Director of Enrollment Services Enrollment Services 304-788-6815 BELittle@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Little, Doug Physical Education Instructor
Head Baseball Coach
Lough Gymnasium 304-788-6878 DALittle@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Llewellyn, Robin Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917  RSLlewellyn@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Loy, Eva Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Pat.Loy@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Ludwick, Kathryn Information Technology Academy Hall, Room 108 304-788-6924 KRLudwick@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Mallow, Robert Agriculture Department Upper Farm 304-788-6883 Bob.Mallow@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Malone, Kelly Agriculture Department Riding Arena 301-268-7600 Kelly.Malone@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Matlick, Darin Veterinarian Greenhouse 304-788-6825 Darin@Matlick@mail.wvu.edu
Staff McCoy, Judi Business Office Administration Building, Room 101 304-788-6828 JAMcCoy@mail.wvu.edu
Staff McCune, James Community Service Reynolds Hall, Room 101 304-788-6868 jmccune301@aol.com
Staff McGuire, Patricia Media Services Library, Room G-3 304-788-6905 PSMcGuire@mail.wvu.edu
Staff McKenzie, Michael Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Michael.McKenzie@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Mehra, Deepak Engineering Professor Academy Hall, Room 120/2 304-788-6975 Deepak.Mehra@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Merrifield, Jennifer English Professor Academy Hall, Room 208B 304-788-6999 Jennifer.Merrifield@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Metz, Jeffery Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 JWMetz@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Miller, David Library Library 304-788-6906 DHMiller@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Miller, Jared Equine Studies Instructor Administration Building, Room 125 304-788-6898 Jared.Miller@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Miller, Roger Housing University Place 304-788-7406 rmille22@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Mills, Carita Head Athletic Trainer Lough Gymnasium, Room 7B 304-788-6880 Carita.Logsdon@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Moore, Katherine Foreign Language Professor Church-McKee Arts Center, Room 106 304-788-6983 KMMoore@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Moorehead, Patricia Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Patty.Moorehead@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Morris, Terri Enrollment Services Enrollment Services 304-788-6816 TLMorris@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Murphy, Mary Bookstore Manager Bookstore 304-788-6908 MPMurphy@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Niland, Diana Nurse Practitioner Health Center/AD 126 304-788-6913
Faculty Ninesteel, Judy Geology Professor Science Hall, Room 104/119 304-788-6956 JJNinesteel@mail.wvu.edu
Staff O'Reilly, Patricia Housing University Place 304-788-7407 PAOreilly@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Oberlechner, Steve English Professor Academy Hall, Room 208C 304-788-7103 Steve.Oberlechner@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Ours, Rebecca Enrollment Services Enrollment Services 304-788-6818 Rebecca.Ours@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Peer, Karen Campus President's Office Administration Building, Room 202 304-788-6812 KGPeer@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Perry, Rhonda Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 RRPerry@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Perry, William Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 William.Perry@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Peterson, Richard Mathematics Professor Church-McKee Arts Center, Room 207 304-788-7105 RFPetersen@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Plitnik, Brian Music Instructor Church-McKee Arts Center, Room 103 304-788-6969 Brian.Plitnik@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Post, Marie Housing University Place, Room 131 304-788-7407 Marie.Post@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Pritts, Cassandra History Instructor Adminsitration Building, Room 206 304-788-7082 Cassandra.Pritts@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Rasc'on-Gato, Antonio  Program Director Student Union, Room G-6 304-788-7096 ANRascon@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Ravenscroft, Mollie Sociology Professor
Co-Chairperson, Liberal Arts Division
Social Justice Liaison
Administration Building, Room 117 304-788-6959 Mollie.Ravenscroft@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Rice, Richard Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 RRice5@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Ridings, Kimberly Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 Kim.Ridings@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Robinette, Chad University Police University Police Duplex 304-788-6931 Chad.Robinette@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Rogers, Terrie Service Office Adminsitration Building, Room 120 304-788-6890 TLRogers@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Rotruck, Tom Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 Thomas.Rotruck@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Rubin, Scott Assistant Director,
Housing & Residence Life
University Place, Room 131 304-788-7406 Scott.Rubin@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Saifi, Mohammad Engineering Professor Academy Hall, Room 120 304-788-6974 MHSaifi@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Samuels, Heidi Criminal Justice Professor Administration Building, Room 14 304-788-6916 Heidi.Samuels@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Saweikis, Anthony Medical Director Health Center 304-788-6913 Anthony.Saweikis@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Schafer, Andrea Elementary Education Instructor Academy Hall, Room 208D 304-788-7133 AGSchafer@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Schafer, Don Marketing and Communications Administration Building, Room 201 304-788-6851 DJSchafer@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Schaumloeffel, Jill Computer Science Instructor Academy Hall, Room 305 304-788-6923 JRSchaumloeffel@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Schneider, Ruth Education Professor
RBA Site Coordinator
Academy Hall, Room 208A 304-788-7101 Ruth.Schneider@mail.wvu.edu
Staff See, David Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 David.See@mail.wvu.edu
Staff See, Mark Maintenance Maintenance Building 304-788-6889 Mark.See@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Seldomridge, Gary Mathematics Professor Adminstration Building, Room 206 304-788-6972 GASeldomridge@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Shoemake, Donna University Police University Police Duplex 304-788-6931 Donna.Shoemake@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Shreve, Dinese Housing University Place 304-788-7407 Dinese.Shreve@mail.wvu.edu
Admin Shreve, Harlan Senior Business Planning Officer Administration Building, Room 108 304-788-6922 HNShreve@mail.wvu.edu
Admin Simpson, Michael Facilities Director Maintenance Building 304-788-6886 MASimpson@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Slaubaugh, Susan Business Office Administration Building, Room 101/120 304-788-6855 SJSlaubaugh@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Slivoskey, Eric Physical Education Instructor Adminstration Building, Room 10 304-788-7122 Eric.Slivoskey@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Smith, Denver  Dining Services Supervisor University Place 304-788-6917 Denver.Smith@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Smith, Robert Housing University Place 304-788-7406 RWSmith@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Smith, Sarah Residence Hall Coordinator Friend Hall 304-788-7421 SRSmith1@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Snider, Mary (Catie) Sociology Instructor Administration Building, Room 118 304-788-7136 MCSnider@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Southerly, Cherise College Nurse Health Center 304-788-6913 CMSoutherly@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Sprouse, Mark Head Women's Soccer Coach Lough Gymnasium 304-788-6882 mark.sprouse@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Stone, John Accounting Professor Administration Building, Room 1 304-788-6980 JCStone@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Strother, Sheila Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Sheila.Strother@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Sydow, Tom English Professor Church-McKee Arts Center, Room 208 304-788-6996 Tom.Sydow@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Tasker, Eva Housing University Place 304-788-7407 Kitty.Tasker@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Taylor, Lucas Director of Development Administration Building, Room 200 304-788-6995 LSTaylor@mail.wvu.edu
Admin Tetteh, Edem Dean of Academic Affairs Administration Building, Room 109 304-788-6865 EGTetteh@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Thompson, Joseph Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 Joseph.Thompson@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Thorne, Rebecca Dining Services University Place 304-788-6917 RAThorne@mail.wvu.edu
Admin Trezise, René Director of Marketing and Communications Adminsitration Building, Room 204 304-788-6872 RMTrezise@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Vandenberg, Mary Ellen Psychology Professor Administration Building, Room 123 304-788-6914 MEVandenberg@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Veach, Eric University Police University Police Duplex 304-788-6931 Eric.Veach@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Vogtman, Joan Physics Professor Science Hall, Room 113 304-788-7109 Joan.Vogtman@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Walsh, Benjamin Agriculture & Forestry Coordinator Science Hall, Room G-7 304-788-6948 BWalsh@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Walton, Jim Head Women's Basketball Coach
Head Softball Coach
Assistant Athletic Director
Lough Gymnasium 304-788-6876 JPWalton@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Weaver, Amy Business, CIS Instructor Academy Hall, Room 114 304-788-7145 Amy.Weaver@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Weber, Kathleen Library Library 304-788-6907 KSWeber@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Westfall, Katrina Office Systems Technology Director Academy Hall, Room 107 304-788-7126 Katrina.Westfall@mail.wvu.edu 
Staff White, Shannon Business Office Administration Building, Room 101 304-788-6831 SMWhite1@mail.wvu.edu
Staff White, Shawn Athletic Director Lough Gymnasium 304-788-6878 SAWhite@mail.wvu.edu
Faculty Wilcox, Gerald Biology Professor
Chairperson STEM Division
Science Hall, Room 209 304-788-6985 GRWilcox@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Wilkins, Rebecca Enrollment Services Enrollement Services 304-788-6853 REWilkins@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Wilson, Debra Academic Affairs Administration Building, Room 111 304-788-6861 DLWilson@mail.wvu.edu
Staff Workman, Joel Agriculture Department Upper Farm 304-788-3173 JWorkm15@mail.wvu.edu