Self-Help Materials: Adult Learners

The Adult Learner (a.k.a. Non-Traditional Student) is a person who has not followed the "traditional" path from high school to college graduation. Whatever the circumstances, these individuals will face many unique challenges. Adult Learners comprise a large number of the student population and their presence is ever increasing.

Going back to college may seem overwhelming and scary; however, being a non-traditional student gives the adult learner a worthwhile and meaningful experience.  Earning a degree can make a significant difference personally and professionally.  

At first, adult learners may feel out of place in a classroom of 18 year-old students. They may also feel rusty with study skills, taking lecture notes, and studying for examinations. Policies and procedures at the college may seem confusing, but don't let this deter you from seeking to further your education.  In no time, you'll fit right in and wonder why you were ever apprehensive.


Two of the challenges adult learners face that could impede the academic process are family responsibilities and work commitments.   

The Academic Success Center offers the adult learner a variety of services on an individual or group basis.  Study skills workshops, time management, and other services that will enhance the college experience are offered at no charge.