Self-Help Materials: Challenging Your Grades




  • Regardless if you are concerned about a grade or not, it is always a good idea to review all of your assignments and tests for errors in grading.


  • If you are concerned about how you were graded on a question, research and develop information to defend your concern.  Information that will be helpful in defending your concern includes references to class notes, the course textbook, or previous assignments.  Schedule an appointment with your instructor to review the assignment or exam in question.  This demonstrates that you care about the material and that you have an interest in doing well in the class.


  • Avoid becoming defensive or angry.  Have the instructor explain their reasoning so that you can understand why you answered the question incorrectly.


  • If after consulting with the instructor, you are still not satisfied with the grade, you can go to the department chair.  This individual will provide you further appropriate guidance.  Consult your Potomac State College Catalog.