Self-Help Materials: Class Participation

I.  Benefits of Participating in Class:

  • Increases your attentiveness and your ability to focus on the material being presented.
  • Participation in class may or may not be technically listed as a percentage of your final grade in a course.  Many professors use a level of participation as a guide when determining final grades, especially if your grade is very close to the next level.
  • Increases your self-esteem and levels of self-assurance.  Active participation has a direct effect on your level of pleasure in being in that particular learning environment.

II.  Tips to Improve Class Participation:

  • Be prepared for class in advance.  Review reading assignments and previous class notes.
  • Predict questions the professor may ask and work out answers for them in advance.
  • Expand your knowledge by listing several questions to ask the instructor in advance of each class.
  • Keep your comments and inquiries brief and to the point.
  • Refer to your notes when developing answers to questions.

There is no quicker way to failure than to miss classes!!!