Self-Help Materials: Common Study Problems

AVOID falling into these situations by developing a study program.  You can get advice from your professors and your academic advisor.  In addition, tutors are free at ASC!


  1. Procrastination:  Delaying studying because you believe there will be enough time to study later this week, month, or class term.
  2. Believing there is too much material to study and not enough time to learn it all.
  3. Wasting time by using poor study habits...studying improperly.
  4. Studying in a bad location.
  5. Believing that if you study right before an exam, you can recall the information more easily.
  6. Falling asleep while studying.

* Hint* Many textbooks have a companion website that offers practice tests, virtual flashcards, crossword puzzles and more! This is a great resource to check yourself. Most often the address is located on the back of your textbook or you can search the publisher's website.Students say this can be a lifesaver !!