Richard Hunt

Department: English
Title: Assistant Professor
Phone #: 304-788-7117
E-mail Address:

Ph.D., English and American Literature, University of Nevada, Reno. Dissertation: “Heaven and Earth: The Integration of Faith and Science in American Nature Writing.”
M.A., English and American Literature, University of Nevada, Reno.
B.A., English, California State University, Chico.

Courses Taught:
English 90: Basic Writing.
English 101.
English 102.
English 154, African-American Literature
English 262, British Literature II.
English 331, Topics in Genre: Environmental Literature.
English 331, Topics in Genre: The Mystery.
English 331, Topics in Genre: Genre Fiction as Cultural Commentary.
English 352: Studies in Appalachian Literature.

“Refiguring the Angry God: An Ecocritical Reassessment of Jonathan Edwards.” Interdisciplinary Literary Studies.
“Lion Tamer” The Pacific Crest Trailside Reader.
“Nice Doggie.” Hawk and Handsaw: The Journal of Creative Sustainability.
“Clearcutting Los Angeles.” Amoskeag: The Journal of Southern New Hampshire University.
“Incident on Wheeler Road.” ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment.
“Sleeping with Scorpions.” Weather Eye.
“Too Far from the Shore.” Organization and Environment.

Research Interests:
Literature of the West, environmental literature, folk music, westerns and mysteries

Conference Presentation:
“The Story of an Assessment Plan That Failed, and What Can Be Learned from Such an Event.”
“Backyard Sustainability Studies; or, The View from a Fractured Plastic Adirondack Chair.”
“Local Colors: Porte Crayon and the Blackwater River.”
The Green in the Blues: The Sense of Place in 20th Century Blues Songs."
Selections from “Lonesome Polecat Road.”
“All Scattered Like Dry Leaves”: Structure and Veracity in Woody Guthrie’s “Plane Wreck at Los Gatos.”
“The Playing’s the Thing: A Musical Interpretation of ‘Plane Wreck at Los Gatos.’”
“If Nature Writing is Really Dead, Who Killed It, and Where’s the Body?”
“Notes Toward a Radical Re-envisioning of Basic Writing.”
“Sportsmans Chevron and Other Poems.”
“Jasper; An Absolutely Completely True Story About the Biggest Fish Ever.”
“Locustalgia; or, Home Sweet Missing Home.”
“The Summer of the Water Balloons.”
“The End of Good Writing.”
“Redemption and Community in the Not-Quite West: Walter Mosley’s Socrates Fortlow as a Western Not-Quite Hero.”
Whiz Kids.”
“’Beneath the Page’: Submerged Eco-Narrative in Rick Bass’s The Hermit’s Story.”
“’Almost Level’: The Effect of Mountaintop Removal on the Sense of Place in Southern West Virginia

Book Chapters:
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Fun Fact:
In my other life, I am a songwriter and folk music performer. I’m a long-time member of two folk music organizations; I find that playing guitar and mandolin refreshes and restores me .