Eric Slivoskey

Department: Physical Education Teacher Education, Sports Management/Athletic Coaching
Title: Physical Education Instructor
Phone: 304-788-7122

BA Psychology, Frostburg State University
MA Physical Education/Coaching, Ball State University
Certified Professional Fitness Trainer,   San Diego St. University
Behavioral Science Specialist,   U.S. Army Academy of Health Sciences

Courses Taught:
First Aid and Emergency Care, Psychological Perspectives of Sport, Sport in American Society, Intro. To Physical Education, African Americans in Sports, Principles of Human Movement, Human Body Structure/Function, Conditioning, Sport Officiating, Fundamentals of Coaching Football, Flag Football, Slow Pitch Softball, Fitness Walking, Tennis, Motor Development, Exercise Physiology, Tests and Measurements, Administration of Sport & PE, Swimming, Coaching Techniques of Baseball, Personalized Health Fitness, Adapted Physical Education

University Service:
Academic Advisor, Sports Committee Member, Student Conduct Committee Member

"Moving Your Passion Abroad” Verge Magazine, Dec. 2011
“Getting Your Team Connected” American Football Monthly, Jan. 2012
“Neutralizing The Threat of Mismatches vs. Trips Out of a Cover 3 Zone” American Football Monthly, Jan. 2011

Research Interests:
Motivation in Sport
Violence in the American Sports Culture
The Impact of Physical Movement on Cognition, Mood, Memory, and Learning
How to be Number 1 in the World in Math and Science: A Look at the Finnish Education System

Conference Proceedings/Presentations:
(Presentation) Motivation and Teamwork in the Workplace: Lindstrom Corporation- Kuopio, Finland (2009)
(Presentation) Competition and Cooperation In North American Sports: Kuortane Olympic Training & Testing Center- Kuortane, Finland (2010)
(Presentation) Skills and Techniques for Offensive Line Play: Elite Professional Football League of India- Mumbai & Kolkata, (2012)
(Presentation) Motivating The 12-Man, D-line Play, Skills & Drills for Wide Receivers, QB Play and Fundamentals, Offensive Line Play: Glazier Football Clinics, Cleveland, OH (2013)

Book Chapters:
Currently Writing – 4th & 20: Demons, Drugs, & Deliverance on the Prairie; An Introspective Look at College Football’s Worst Team

Faculty Collaborators at Other Colleges/Universities:
Developing Athletic Coaching/Sports Management- Spring Break Study Abroad Experiential Learning Proposal through West Virginia University

Fun facts about me: I enjoy sports, reading, freelance writing, attending concerts/museums, and spending time with my family. I have visited all 50 U.S. states and 45 countries.

Eric Slovosky