Interlibrary Loan


Interlibrary Loan = Accessing Materials Not Owned by the PSC Library

What is interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary loan, or ILL, is a system that allows libraries to share resources with one another. The ILL librarian at the PSC Library locates a library that owns a book or periodical or media and sends a borrower's request to the lending library.

Article Request

The lending library locates the article and electronically/faxes/mails the article to the PSC Library. When the article arrives in the PSC Library, the ILL librarian will either send the article (if it is an electronic document) to you via an e-mail message or notify you via e-mail to pick up the fax/photocopy at the Access Services Desk.

Book Request

The lending library checks out the book in the name of the PSC Library and mails it.  When the book arrives in the PSC Library, the ILL librarian will check out the book to you and send you an e-mail message telling you to pick the book at the Access Services Desk and giving you the book's due date. When you return the book, the PSC Library checks in the book and returns it to the lending library and thanks them for their cooperation.

Media Request

The lending library checks out the media in the name of the PSC Library and mails it.  When the media arrives in the PSC Library, the media ILL librarians send you an e-mail message that the media is available for use in the Library and giving you the media's due date. Whether or not you are allowed to check out the media depends upon the lending library's policy and the type of media requested.

Consideration and Good Will

It's a good system, and it benefits everyone involved. However, it also relies on consideration and good will. If you do not return ILL materials promptly, it reflects badly on the PSC Library. If it becomes a pattern, some libraries may stop lending books and media to us. You must return all ILL materials on or before the due date. If you need the item for longer than the due date, please make a renewal request several days before the due date. If the lender says no, the ILL librarian will try to get a second copy from another library for you. Your actions reflect on our library.

Who can make an ILL request?

If you are a PSC faculty, staff, or student with an active library bar code, then you can make requests. If you have overdue books or owe library fines, you cannot make requests. If you are a courtesy patron with an active library card, then you can. If you are a courtesy patron with overdue books or owe library fines, then you cannot.

PSC faculty, staff, and students use their WVU/PSC ID number as their library bar code. Courtesy patrons must have a PSC library card with a bar code on the back.

Local community members must use the ILL services at their local public library.

How do I make an ILL request?

Book or Article Request

You have two ways to make your request for a book or article:

1. Online forms in PSC Library Databases and WorldCat . (To request an item via WorldCat, you have to use WorldCat on campus and click on the “Request item” link.)

2. E-mail

3. Talk to Ms. Bane in the Reference & Interlibrary Loan Office

Please fill in all the required information. Please use your GroupWise (faculty) or Mix (students) e-mail requests. (The required information is asterisked. If you don't fill in a required field, the electronic request will not be processed.)

Please fill in as many of the non-required fields as possible. Missing information may cause delays in getting what you need or in notifying you that your request is ready to be picked up.

If you are using e-mail, please use your GroupWise or Mix e-mail address and WVU/PSC ID and campus contact information. Courtesy patrons should use their regular e-mail account and their PSC library card bar code.

Audio-Visual/Media Request

You have two ways to make your request for an audio-visual/media:

1. E-mail
2. Talk to Ms. McGuire in Media Services

Will it cost anything?

All ILL requests are processed free of charge by the PSC Library.

The Library participates in four reciprocal borrowing plans: OCLC's LVIS Plan, the WV Academic Libraries Reciprocal Plan, the Western Maryland Health Education Center Plan, and the WV Library Commission's E-mail ILL System. The Library also has independent reciprocal agreements with other libraries. All these libraries lend books and send copies free of charge. The ILL librarian always requests from these libraries first.

If we cannot find a free lender and you are not willing to pay, then we will not process your ILL request.

However, if there are no free lenders and you must have the item, you can specify how much you are willing to pay. After the reciprocal libraries have turned down the request, the ILL librarian will then forward the request to non-reciprocal libraries. Most ILL fees range from $5-$20 for books and from $0.20/page to $5 plus copying fees for copies. You must decide what the item is worth to you.

If you need an item immediately and it must be sent by express mail or faxed, you may have to pay a RUSH fee. Rush fees range from $5-$10 plus the normal lending fees.

If you lose an ILL item, you are liable for any and all costs charged by the lending library.

If you don't return an ILL book on time, you are liable for any and all overdue fees charged by the lending library. You will also be charged $0.50/day by the PSC Library. Please remember that your behavior reflects on the reputation of the PSC Library.

How long will it take?

Generally, it takes about one week or less for an article and two weeks for book or AV loan. Sometimes it takes less. Sometimes it takes longer. There is no way to predict because it depends on the number of libraries that say no before one says yes, the state the lending library is in, the shipping method, the time of year, the demand for the item, and so on. During peak research times (close to assignment deadlines), it may take longer than two weeks. If you start your research early in the semester, you should have no problem getting the items you need for your project.

The Library uses an online ILL system to cut down on processing time. An electronic request is sent out to a string of five libraries. Each library has four working days to answer yes or no before the request is automatically forwarded to the next library on the list. Usually it takes only a week or two for all five libraries to see the request. However, there is no guarantee the the item will arrive within two weeks, so the earlier you begin, the better chance you have of getting what you need.

If you have put off your research and your deadline is less than two weeks, some libraries will do priority/express/rush ILLs. Usually, however, they charge a fee of $10-$20 plus any faxing, shipping, or photocopying charges. If you are desperate, you may want to consider trying a rush request.

How many requests may I make?

You may make 5-10 requests per round. When one of the requests from the first round is received, then you may begin a second round. When one of the requests from the second round is received, you may begin a third round.

You are not limited to an overall total. But... the Library asks you to be discriminating in what you request. We do not charge you, but there is a cost involved. National surveys estimate that it costs the borrowing library $20 and the lending library $10 for each ILL. Please help us keep down costs.

What can't I get?

Generally, libraries do not lend reference books, reserve materials, rare books, complete issues/volumes of periodicals, or items from their special collections. They may photocopy pages out of these items for you if the request doesn't violate copyright law and if it won't damage fragile items. Occasionally, libraries will lend these materials with certain restrictions, such as in-library use only, or a shorter check out period, or no renewal. All restrictions placed on materials by the lending library are honored by our library.

Many libraries also restrict lending newly published or newly purchased books in order to give their patrons a chance to use them first. The restriction may be from one month to six months from time of publication or the time of purchase.

Libraries may or may not lend media (films, VHS cassettes, software, and so on). If they do lend these items, they may charge rental fees, which can be quite expensive.

For information about books and articles, contact Ms. Bane at

For information about audio-visuals/media, contact Ms. McGuire at

ILL for Borrowing Libraries

ILL Policies

We are free lenders and members of LVIS. We welcome reciprocal borrowing agreements.

Non-circulating (Print): Periodicals, reference, and rare materials. In case of last resort, exceptions to the non-circulation rule may be negotiated.

Non-circulating (AV/Media): Items reserved by faculty for instructional use.

Print and Copy Requests

We accept requests via OCLC, WVLC, fax, e-mail, and ALA form/mail.

Contact: Linda Celet Bane
OCLC symbol: PWS
Fax: 304-788-6946
Mailing Address:

Interlibrary Loan
Mary F. Shipper Library
Potomac State College of WVU
103 Fort Avenue
Keyser, WV  26726-2697


AV/Media Requests

We accept requests via OCLC, WVLC, fax, e-mail, and ALA form/mail.

Contact: Patricia McGuire
OCLC symbol: PWS
Fax: 304-788-6946
Mailing Address:

Media Services-Interlibrary Loan
Mary F. Shipper Library (PWS)
Potomac State College of WVU
103 Fort Avenue
Keyser, WV  26726-2697


Making Requests via E-mail

Please send your request to (print and copies) or (media)
Please copy the following fields into your e-mail message and fill out as many fields as possible.

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If you wish to request several items, please number them or separate each item by a space.

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