Doing Scholarly Research

This Web tutorial was designed to help students complete a large course-based research assignment: research paper, class presentation, lab report, annotated bibliography, or speech.

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Before You Begin guides students through the pre-research phase:

* Selecting a topic

* Setting up a calendar

* Creating a research log

* Citing sources and creating a bibliography

* Getting help when needed

The Research Process walks students through the actual research process and gives them a basic recipe and basic search skills. It includes locating all of the following:

* Background information

* Books

* Articles

* Media

* Web resources

* Scholars and experts

It also lists and explains how to use the PSC Library databases available only to PSC members, the WV Info Depot databases available to all WV residents, and free databases available to everyone.

The Final Product provides tools, formatting, and advice for creating the final product for the course, which may be a research paper, annotated bibliography, presentation, speech, or more.