Agriculture Degree/A.A.

Students learn the wise use and management of land and soil resources and the application of science to field crop production or turf management. This major is ideal for those students interested in soil and water conservation, soil and water quality, mined land reclamation, farming, turf grass management, use of soils for construction sites, waste water treatment, and wetland preservation.

Career Opportunities: Employment possibilities include soil survey, soil and water conservation, wetland delineation, and environmental management with federal or state governments, private industries, private consulting, farming, soil conservation, agricultural sales, research, and turf grass management.

Requirements for Graduation

In order to earn an Associate of Arts Degree in Agriculture with a major in Agronomy, a student must complete a minimum of 63 credit-hours of required and elective course work.  

Note: AGRL 111 replaces WVUe 191 as a first-semester requirement.

Students who wish to receive the A.A. in Agriculture with a major in Agronomy and to continue toward a B.S. in Agroecology may substitute ENVP 155, Elements of Environmental Protection, for PHYS 101 and HORT 220, General Horticulture, for MATH 128. Students who wish to continue toward a B.S. in Environmental Protection may substitute GEOL 101 and 102, Planet Earth and Planet Earth Laboratory, for PHYS 101.

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