Pre-Physical Therapy

Arts and Sciences Degree/A.A.

Health care is an exciting, rewarding and high demand field that includes a variety of career paths. At Potomac State College (PSC), you can begin, and in some cases finish, the prerequisite courses required for admission into several health professional schools. In addition to fulfilling the prerequisites, you can also obtain an Associate’s Degree in various majors related to health care professions.  Graduates in these fields are in high demand and are highly employable.

Why PSC?

  • Challenging and competitive coursework
  • Small lecture and lab sizes
  • Get to know your faculty members
  • Advisors who know you and your educational goals
  • Hands on laboratories
  • Transferable to the Morgantown campus
  • Transferable to non-WVU programs (additional or variable prerequisites may be required for acceptance)

Physical Therapy: A Bachelor’s degree is required for admission into WVU’s Physical Therapy program. While students can apply with any major, exercise physiology is the most common.  The pre-physical therapy degree at PSC offers the first two years of the exercise physiology degree. WVU’s Physical Therapy program is a 3 year program and students earn a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree. 

Student Testimonial:   "To me, Potomac State means a solid foundation. Potomac State is where I started my higher education career and I would not trade the learning and great experiences I had there for the world." Former Pre-Pharmacy Student Ryan Turner

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