Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Agriculture Degree/A.A.

This major has a flexible design allowing students to acquire the necessary first two years of study in agricultural biochemistry, chemistry, mathematics, physics, and modern concepts of biology. Students begin preparation for entrance to professional schools of veterinary medicine, human medicine, dentistry, optometry, pharmacy or graduate study in the fields of agricultural biochemistry, animal breeding, animal physiology and nutrition.

Career Opportunities: Professional positions are available as veterinarians, human medical doctors, dentists, optometrists and pharmacists. Other career opportunities include: federal or state agencies, food and animal production and processing, research, and agricultural sales.

Requirements for Graduation

In order to earn an Associate of Arts Degree in Agriculture with a major in Pre-Veterinary Medicine, a student must complete a minimum of 68 credit-hours of required and elective course work.

Note: AGRL 111 replaces WVUe 191 as a first-semester requirement.

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