Dual Applicant Student Admission Process

Dual Applicants to Potomac State College and West Virginia University

Potomac State College is a full division of West Virginia University.  As part of the integration, students at Potomac State College will have access to most of the same web-based services as students in Morgantown (online class registration, financial aid processing, bill payment, etc.)

Also, as part of the integration, prospective students must identify their primary campus if they have applied to both Potomac State and WVU.  A student may only be admitted to one campus at any point in time.  Students who choose one campus may freely change the decision at any time prior to the beginning of the semester by contacting the Office of Enrollment Services at (800) 262.7332 or (304) 788.6820 or go2psc@mail.wvu.edu

Students may also benefit from the integration of scholarship programs with WVU.  To find out more, go to Scholarships -  Integration with WVU .

Scholarships for West Virginia Residents

Scholarships for Residents of Other States