Enrollment Verification

Instructions for logging into the National Clearinghouse website to obtain enrollment verification

  1. Log into Mix at www.mix.wvu.edu
  2. At Secure Access Login-Enter Username and Password.  Click Login Button.
  3. Click STAR tab
  4. Click on the link "Click here to enter STAR"
  5. Click on "Student Services and Housing"
  6. Click on "Student Records"
  7. Click "Request NSC Enrollment Verification"
  8. Click "Go to National Clearinghouse Site" button.  You are now directed to the National Student Clearinghouse website.  Review options and make a selection.  After selection has been made, print.

Please stop in our office or contact us at 304.788.6820, 800.262.7332, or go2psc@mail.wvu.edu if you have any questions.