WVU Referrals

Potomac State College

WVU referrals are students who initially applied to West Virginia University in Morgantown but who are admitted at Potomac State College of WVU. We work with WVU to determine which students might benefit from starting their WVU experience on a smaller campus with great academic support.

We know this is a change in direction for you as you initially applied to WVU. However, we believe that Potomac State is a great way for you to build your academic foundation and is the path for you to move onto WVU. As a WVU Referral you are already admitted to Potomac State College and no application is necessary.

We want to give you a chance to explore Potomac State and get to know us better! 

We would be happy to coordinate an individual visit at your convenience, Monday through Friday.

For more information, please contact:

Beth Little
Office of Enrollment Services

We hope to see you soon!