Financial Avenue

Financial Avenue at Potomac State College

Students face financial decisions which can cause significant stress and have major life-long consequences. 

Financial Avenue is a personal financial education course designed to educate and empower students to make well-informed financial decisions and prevent financial behaviors that could negatively impact their futures.

Who Must Complete Financial Avenue?

All WVU-Potomac State College students have access to Financial Avenue; however, it is a requirement for all WVU-Potomac State College students enrolled in first-year seminar courses to complete the three modules listed below.

  • Foundations of Money
  • Debt and Repayment

What Is The Deadline to Complete Financial Avenue?

The deadline to complete all three modules will be shared in your section of WVUe.

When Is Financial Avenue Available?

NOW!  Financial Avenue is available year-round.

How Do I Access Financial Avenue?

  • Instructions for creating your Financial Avenue account can be found here.
  • The access code for all West Virginia University campuses is ONEWVU.  
  • Enter “Keyser” when prompted for “Campus Location”

What Happens If I Don’t Complete The Course?

  • Each module is graded separately so you will only earn credit for the modules you complete.
  • Students who choose not to complete the course will not receive any credit.


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