Decision Making

  1. Relax
  2. Do not make a decision when you are feeling distressed.
  3. Know when the decision needs to be made.
  4. Identify what information is needed for a reasoned decision.
  5. Identify potential sources of needed information.
  6. Gather needed information.
  7. Talk to others about your pending decision.  Remember the choice is yours alone.
  8. Write down the information you gather.
  9. List your options and alternatives.
  10. List pros and cons for each option.
  11. Clarify your values, interests, needs, goals, and desires.
  12. Weigh pros and cons for each option.
  13. Recognize there is seldom only a single "right" answer.
  14. Select your choice and relax.
  15. Give yourself permission to make mistakes.  Learn from the process.

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