Residential Life Staff

The Office of Housing & Residence Life are here to support students while also making the halls a place where they feel safe, secure, and at home. Our main goal is to make your experience at PSC a place where fun and academics co-exist.  Filling the out-of-class time with productive options helps create a well-rounded education.  By providing life-enriching activities, tutoring, and educational programs, Housing & Residence Life helps to provide the best educational experience possible at PSC. Stop by and see your RHC and the rest of the staff today!!

Supervisor of Residence Halls

Michael Lynch

Residence Hall Coordinators

RHC University Place
Amanda Renick

RHC of Davis and Memorial Halls
Karen Sommers

RHC Reynolds, Catamount and Friend Halls
Brittney Burton


Housing Staff

Housing Assistant
Marie Post

Night Monitors
Roger Miller