Theme Weeks

Throughout the year, the Office of Student Involvement work with various departments across campus to bring you a week-long series of events that we call “Theme Weeks.”  

Here are the next year’s Theme Weeks!

Fall 2015

Student Involvement Week – August 23rd – 29th

Healthy Relationships Week –September 13th–19th

PRIDE Week — October 11th — 17th

PSC Halloween Week – October 26th – 31st

Spring 2016

Black Culture Week – February 9th – 14th

Women’s History Week – March 6th – 11th

Humans vs. Zombies Week (HvZ) – April 3rd – 8th

Spring Bash – April 24th – April 29th

Dates for ThemeWeeks are subject to change. 

If you have any questions about what activities are planned during a specific week, or if you have a suggestion for a theme week activity, please stop by the Office of Student Involvement and let us know!