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Greetings from the Potomac State College of West Virginia University Alumni Association!

As our mission statement suggests, we strive to foster the traditions and growth of Potomac State as well as to promote lasting relationships among alumni, students, faculty, administration, and friends of the College.

Potomac State holds a unique and very special place in the hearts of many. Over the years, alumni have shared stories about living in the barracks, frolicking on "Library Hill," wearing the freshman beanie, dodging the 7 p.m. curfew, dancing at the Blue Jay, Professor Haines, Coach Lough, ROTC, playing Back Alley Bridge in the Student Union, Dr. Atwater, the Gamma Girls, and the Homecoming parade, just to name a few.

More recent alumni have mentioned time and time again about the one-on-one attention they received here from faculty members such as the late Dr. Ruth Ann Davis and other professors who have left a lasting impression. Others remember Earth Day, Relay for Life, ballistic bowling, winning the JUCO World Series, Habitat for Humanity, spring break trips, and the many weekend excursions to Washington, D.C., and Pittsburgh, Pa.

Displayed in my office is the original minutes document of the Alumni Association's organizational meeting dated Tuesday, June 27, 1905. We have deep roots and a long heritage of which to be proud. Many alumni attribute their success in life to Potomac State College. I encourage you to join us in our endeavors to keep our mission alive.

Please stay connected; keep us informed of significant changes in your life. If you have not been on campus in a while, consider a visit. We think you will be pleasantly surprised at what you find. If I can help you, please contact me at 304-788-6870 or

All the best to you,


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