Staff Development Guidelines


This document provides information and instruction for the administration of staff development funds at Potomac State College of West Virginia University.

The Provost of the College shall designate funds for staff development in the budgetary process and make the total funds available known to the Classified Employees Council (CEC).


For the purpose of these guidelines, the following definitions will apply:

  • Staff: All full-time regular classified employees (Title 131, Series 62) who have completed their probationary period.
  • Development: Potomac State College of WVU non-credit programs, training, education, workshops, seminars, or other organized activities designed to increase professional skills and/or knowledge.


       I.          Sponsor Development for Staff

  • The Classified Employee’s Council (CEC) will coordinate staff development by organizing and encouraging development of general interest, to foster participation of the entire staff.

     II.          WVU Training and Development

  • Investigate and coordinate with the Director of Training and Development at WVU for staff development opportunities.
  • Arrange logistics and publicity for any WVU T&D to be conducted for the staff as development.

   III.          Unused Funds

  • Unused funds at the end of the spring semester of each fiscal year may be used for the purchase of additional items for the Training and Development Library.