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Any career you want to pursue in health sciences, you can start at WVU Potomac State College at a cost ranked among the lowest in the nation.

Why Health Sciences?

Health care is an exciting, rewarding and high demand field that includes a variety of career paths. At WVU Potomac State College, you can begin and, in some cases, finish, the prerequisite courses required for admission into several health professional schools. In addition to fulfilling the prerequisites, you can also obtain an associate’s degree in various majors related to health care professions. Graduates in these fields are in high demand and are highly employable.

Coming Fall 2018, West Virginia University’s Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree program will be offered on the Potomac State campus in a newly renovated wing of the J. Edward Kelley Complex. Students accepted for admission into the WVU School of Nursing Potomac State BSN program will follow the same student handbook, curriculum, and progression plan as students on the Morgantown campus, but will be able to complete all four years in Keyser, W.Va.

Health Pathways at WVU Potomac State College




Semesters of  Biology at PSC*

Semesters  of Chemistry

Semesters  of Physics

Highest  Math


Avg # of   Years to Finish   Pre-reqs


Employment  Opportunities  Include


Medical Lab Science


2 4 0


  • Hospital
  • Doctor's Office
  • Private Lab Facility




2 2 0 Algebra 1
  • Hospital 
  • Doctor's Office
  • Nursing Home
  • Schools


Occupational  Therapy


3 0 1 Trig 2
  • Hospital
  • Patient Homes
  • Nursing Home
  • Schools




4 4 0



  • Retail Pharmacy
  • Hospital 
  • Home Health
  • Facility


Physical Therapy


5 2 2 Trig

Bachelor's Degree  Required

  • Private Practice 
  • Rehab Centers
  • Sports Facilities

 *Additional biology courses will be required after attending Potomac State College.

Other majors: Students interested in medicine, dentistry or optometry typically receive a bachelor’s degree in biology or chemistry, and students can begin the first two years of those degrees on the Potomac State College campus. Advising and courses are also available for students interested in dental hygiene and speech pathology. Please express your interest in these programs when working with Enrollment Services during your admission process.

Why PSC?

  • Challenging and competitive courses
  • Small lecture and lab sizes
  • The opportunity to know your professors
  • Advisors who know you and your goals
  • Hands-on laboratories
  • The ability to change to the Morgantown campus
  • The ability to transfer to non-WVU programs (additional or variable prerequisites may be required for acceptance)

Medical Training

In Their Own Words…

“Potomac State College was a great choice for me. I was able to remain close to home while receiving an excellent and affordable education. The intimate class sizes allowed for more personalized instruction from knowledgeable professors who are passionate about seeing their students succeed. Additionally, my rigorous coursework at PSC provided me with a solid foundation in biology, on which I was able to build my career as an epidemiologist. I believe attending PSC set me on the path to success in my career.” Katelynn E. Dodd, MPH; Associate Service Fellow; Epidemiologist; NIOSH, RHD

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