Pasquino/Student Newspaper

Potomac State College Pasquino

The Pasquino [pronounced Pass-QUEEN-O] is the College's student newspaper and has been published continuously for more than 90 years. It is published three times each semester under the direction of the journalism department.

The journalism program at Potomac State College is a hands-on learning experience in writing, communications, graphic design, and teamwork. Prior journalism experience is not required. Freshmen journalism students volunteer on the Pasquino : writing news and editorials; designing and selling advertising; taking pictures. Sophomore journalism majors run the student paper as news editors, sports editors, photo editors, and more.

Volunteers who are not journalism majors are welcome to write articles, take pictures, create artwork, or help with circulation, business management, and other support functions of the paper. The Pasquino is distributed free on campus. The Pasquino offers an excellent opportunity to earn extracurricular activity credit toward honor society membership.
For further information, contact the Pasquino Office at 304-788-6967.

Pasquino is now online

Click on the links below to review pages from the most recent printed versions of the   Pasquino  :   


November 27, 2017--Vol 97. Num. 2



April 24, 2017--Vol.96. Num.4

March 1, 2017--Vol.96. Num.3

November 29, 2016--Vol.96, Num 2.

October 17, 2016--Vol.96, Num 1.



April 26, 2016--Vol.95, Num 5.

March 3, 2016--Vol.95, Num 4.

December 7, 2015--Vol.95, Num 3.

October 30, 2015--Vol.95, Num 2.

September 29, 2015--Vol.95, Num 1.



April 29, 2015--Vol.94, Num 5.

February 18, 2015--Vol.94, Num 4.

November 19, 2014--Vol.94, Num 3.

October 22, 2014--Vol.94, Num 2.

September 17, 2014--Vol.94, Num 1.



April 23, 2014--Vol.93, Num 6.

March 26, 2014--Vol.93, Num 5.

February 12, 2014--Vol.93, Num 4.

November 20, 2013-- Vol.93, Num 3.

October 23, 2013-- Vol.93, Num.2

September 18, 2013-- Vol.93, Num.1



May 1, 2013--Vol.92, Num.6

March 20, 2013-- Vol.92, Num.5

February 13, 2013--Vol.92, Num.4

December 5, 2012 -- Vol.92, Num.3

October 10, 2012--Vol.92, Num.2

September 12, 2012--Vol.92, Num.1


April 25, 2012--Vol.91, Num.6

March 14, 2012--Vol.91, Num.5

February 8, 2012--Vol.91, Num.4  

December 7, 2011--Vol.91, Num.3

October 12, 2011--Vol.91, Num.2

September 14, 2011--Vol.91, Num.1